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Welcome to Anew Life

Melissa McNeil is the Founder of Anew Life Now Ltd and author of Mindfulness Meditation & The law of attraction

I specialize in teaching people how to turn their dreams into reality.

What makes me unique is the fact that I have been through the hardships of this life and been able to change it around. I have a gift for seeing the good in every situation and want to pass on this gift the rest of the world.

I strongly believe in 'What you give out, You will receive back'

I grew up in a children's home and the odd's were stacked against me, But that was not the life for me. I always knew in my heart there was much more out there.

I started searching and learning for what real life is, when I came across Meditation. I studied Meditation for 2 years and then, found Mindfulness and The law of attraction around the same time. I spent 7 years learning about these subjects and completely changed my life because of the knowledge I had acquired.

7 years is a long time and people need action here and now, that is when I decided to write my book and take 7 years of knowledge and compact it into 2 hours of reading time, so everyone can get started straight away.

This is a win, win book every person whom reads it will gain something from it.